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Just some misc shots…

Haven't had a chance to get to Riverbend, and won't until after vaca..probably won't be posting many mountain pics until I return either, editing on the laptop, pretty much in the meantime..

Feeding the copyright troll machine.

So in regards to the Getty Extortion Letter fiasco, I've decided to no longer support the stock photo industry. Let me be crystal clear here... I am all for photographers and company's protecting their works, when it comes to copyright issues. However I also believe there is a proper and polite way to enforce ones Intellectual Property. The methods and →


Easter Trek – never saw the bunny

First outing with the D7000

still a longggg way to go learning this new beast, but here are the first shots, mostly all shot in aperture priority mode....enjoy...

Is fall every coming???

Some random images taken today and some from yesterday, nothing earth shattering...


Almost slithered into my gargae, good thing i was standing there when he rounded the edge of the house.. My friend Jules informed me that he is getting ready to molt, which is why his eyes are cloudy, so i was to get fairly close without scaring him away...My friend Jules is smart and is a previous snake owner...oh shes →

Fuzzy Balls

Figured what the hell, if I posted my nuts I might as well show off the fuzzy ball too!

Value Added Services

We can hand you the cost-effective marketing help you need. • Web copywriting • Web photography • Logo design • Print design →

Gallery Launch

Greetings! It may be a bit premature as this is a work in progress, but we're going ahead with the launch of the new gallery site...Comments are welcome and please report any bugs as we'd like to make this is as easy and user friendly as possible. Please feel free to subscribe to post notifications if you'd like to keep →