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Double Dip Post

Some of these image are from  Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales Fl. and some from my usual stomping grounds, Riverbend Park.

March 8, 2014

Riverbend March 2, 2014

Nice way to sart 2014!

Dec.22, 2013 Riverbend Bird Quest

Dec.14, 2013 Riverbend Bird Quest

Dec.9, 2013 Riverbend Bird Quest

Just one today! Great Blue heron

May very well be the last post for this blog…..

yup, time to upgrade, re-arrange and do something different..for all those hundreds of followers... ( I think there may be 1 follower) gonna make that change!

August 03, 2013

Wet and soggy and fairly quiet today, but managed to add 3 to the growing list.

Textured photos….

No i'm not really into instgram ( never even used it) but I do find that using textures does have the ability to "bring back" some images that I find less than perfect.. a few samples.

July 27, 2013 Bird Quest

Just some misc shots…

Haven't had a chance to get to Riverbend, and won't until after vaca..probably won't be posting many mountain pics until I return either, editing on the laptop, pretty much in the meantime..

June 9 , 2013 Riverbend Bird Quest

A treetop hunter of deciduous forests and suburban areas, the Great Crested Flycatcher is easier to hear than to see. The only eastern flycatcher that nests in cavities, it often includes snakeskin in the nest lining. Peafowl are forest birds that nest on the ground but roost in trees. They are terrestrial feeders. All species of peafowl are believed to be →

Foggy Morning, followed by stifling heat…

Memorial Day 2013

Riverbend Park, Jupiter Fl

Quiet day in the park!

Grassy Waters Preserve

Was forunate to see my first "in the wild" screech owl a bonus I looked to the right and not 20 feet away was a barred owling giving me the eye..Might have to head back out there tomorrow!

Riverbend Park Adventure , April 28,2013

yup, I said adventure, usually it's just a walk in the park with the usual suspects, birds, deer, maybe a coon or 2, and if I'm real lucky a bobcat.. This morning while walking the normal trails I happened to see a large bird fly from the ground up into a palm tree. I knew it was either a red →

I dawt I daw a puddy kat

Sunday Morning Walk

pretty much a ghost town this last sunday..