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I had the opportiunity of spending some time with "Zeus" he's a rescued full bred bloodhound, needless to say we all fell in love with him...(well except for my wife)..hence he won't be moving in. Hopefully the lady down the street who is fostering him can keep him..

Dino Dog

Heres a couple images of Dino, the yellow lab I wanted to adopt...My wife allergies prevented this as the lil guy has some skin allergies...amazing how much a person can fall for a dog in one day! I miss him and really hope he gets the home he deserves!

Our Beardie decided to pose

Actually he's so damn lazy he'll always pose..this was before he ate his 12 cricket snack..such a cutie, don't cha wanna give him a smooch???

My Little Gurl

we love her!

Mountain Dog!

The Paws have it!

Just some dog pictures, well mostly dogs and and some other beasties

Dog Philosophy 101

Treat everything as a dog would, if you can't eat it or screw it - just piss on it and walk away..Fairly clear cut and easy way to look at life, to bad it would never apply to us humans.

Mans Best Friend

It's all about the dogs, why can us people be more like them..always happy, never a bad thing to say...