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Just some misc shots…

Haven't had a chance to get to Riverbend, and won't until after vaca..probably won't be posting many mountain pics until I return either, editing on the laptop, pretty much in the meantime..


A spectacular sunset, followed by an awesome lightshow...


Waterfalls & Sunsets

I never said Michigan wasn’t a nice state!

Mountain Sunsets / Sunrises


Mostly taken last year, this year the plan is to visit at least 12 sites, some there's gonna be some hiking involved ( i don't like to walk) and there will most definately be better shots as I'll tote all of my fear with me.. Look for new waterfall images in the next couple of weeks!

Random Wildlife Images

One of my favorites

Don't know why I like this picture so much, but it's one of my favorites! Somewhere in North Carolina, can't remeber where as it was a few years back...Come to think of it I think I was on my back for this one..