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2016 AAU Volleyball Championship – Orlando FL

mothers day 2015

Been forever…

been meaning to revamp this blog completely, just haven't had time..meanwhile this happened this morning..

and more…..

wow it’s been awhile!!

North carolina Vaca / Part 3

flowers and stuff from the Biltmore House..

North carolina Vaca / part2

These are from Coon Dog Day in Saluda NC...cooler heads prevailed, as I did not bring home a single coon hound puppy...

North carolina vacation

misc bird images from North Carolina vaca

managed to sneak out a few times for some birding and saw some lifers..Indigo Bunting, black and white warbler, chestnut-sided warbler, veery, dark eyed junco, juvie rose breasted grosbeak, song sparrow, field sparrow..

Riverbend Bird Project – 03/24/2014

only a single image for today, and not a very good one..actually it's really bad, but it's all I could get before he flew off.."Solitary Sandpiper"

February 23, 2014

Not looking like I'll make 100 species by June, but here's 2 more to add..

Florida Scrub Jay

Spent some quality time with 3 Florida Scrub Jays ( Scrubby's) ... These guys need more help with conservation efforts.. From Wikipedia: The Florida Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) is one of the species of scrub jay native to North America. It is the only species of bird endemic to the U.S. state of Florida and one of only 15 species endemic to →

Textured Osprey

gray drab skies, make for drab backgrounds...a little post editing and this image has more life!

Riverbend 10-27-13

Carli Gurl

Oct.20, 2013 Riverbend Bird Quest

Sept.29, 2013 Riverbend Bird Quest

Haven't been out much, to damned hot, but I see some of the northern feathered friends are returning for winter...going to pick up the pace for sure. Only 4 new adds today.

Green Cay nature center

2013 Western North Carolina Images

2013 vaca….wet nasty and rainy

NYC 2012-2013

Jersey Shore

Bryce and travelled up to the Jersey Shore right after christmas..The plan was to show him where I grew up and how cool of a place it is, and maybe see some snow...well hurricane Sandy preventing a good portion of that, we were not able to get to where I really wanted to go, but he did see the Point →

St Thomas, St Maartin Freedom of the Seas


A spectacular sunset, followed by an awesome lightshow...